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음반명[부제포함] <Invite the Spirit 1983>
음반 번호 U*TZ-7622 , CD 1 매
제작 / 기획사 TZADIK(USA)
발매 연도 2007
구 분 해외반
분 류 창작기타
업데이트 일시 2008-09-06
비 고

'Invite the Spirit 1983'

1. Hurum 6:28
2. Ghohon 6:20
3. Yongari 5:39
4. Sinpuri 17:46
5. Sirum 5:29
6. Pah 9:04
7. Tah 4:16
8. Sansoo 6:20
9. Oo-Aa-Iy 12:27 Total 74:06

* Kayagum.vocals.tanso:Sangwon Park. Electric and Acoustic Guitar:Henry Kaiser. Drums.Percussion.Saw:Charles K Noyes. Recorded:August 1983. Radio City Music Hall Studio. NYC.

* Discogs(https://www.discogs.com/Henry-Kaiser-Charles-K-Noyes-Sang-Won-Park-Invite-The-Spirit-1983/release/2209369)에서 가져온 자료 아래:

Design – Chippy (3), Heung-Heung Chin
Drums, Percussion, Saw – Charles K. Noyes
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Henry Kaiser
Executive-Producer – John Zorn
Executive-Producer [Associate Producer] – Kazunori Sugiyama
Mastered By – Phil Brown
Photography By [Back], Art Direction – Thi-Linh Le
Photography By [Front] – Michael Ayervais
Producer – Charles K. Noyes, Henry Kaiser
Recorded By – Randy Adler
Remastered By – Scott Hull (2)
Zither [Kayagum], Flute [Tanso], Vocals, Typography [Calligraphy] – Sang-Won Park*
* 1983년에 미국에서 출반된 LP음반을, 2007년에 CD로 복각하여 출반한 것이다. 미국에서 고마운 분이 보내주었습니다. 고맙습니다. 국악이 미국에 가서 그들 음악과 현대화(?)되어 어울린다. 연주자가 운영하는 www.sangwonpark.com 를 참조하세요.(2008.9.6)

* 3번째 곡 :

* www.sangwonpark.com에서 퍼왔습니다. :

Sang Won Park is a master of the Kayagum, a Korean 12 stringed zither from the 5th century. Mr. Park's repertoire ranges from traditional music to contemporary and improvisational music.

Mr. Park, a native of Seoul, began his studies at the National Conservatory where he trained in music, singing, and dance as well as western music and then at Seoul National University where he earned his B.A. and M.A. in musicology. He was a member of the Traditional Music Orchestra of Seoul and a researcher at the Academy of Korean Studies and an instructor at Seoul's leading schools of music.

He made his western debut at Carnegie Recital Hall in 1979. He then tourned the U.S. and Europe's leading institutions. Les Amis De. L'Orient and Sono Disc in Pris have produced an album entitled Le Kayagum de Park Sang Won.

Since 1980, he has resided in New York City and performs traditional music to western audiences and actively collaborates with many avant-garde musicians. He joined with renowned guitarist Henry Kaiser and percussionist Charles K. Noyes and produced "Invite the Spirits", a double album on the OAO/Celluloid label. He has performed with performance artist Laurie Anderson in concerts, on her record "Mr. Heart Break", and the movie "Home of the Brave". He has also appeared in Nam Jun Paik's acclaimed satellite spectacular "Bye Bye Kipling" on Public Television.

Mr. Park formed the improvisational music group, Far Eastside Band with violinist Jason Kao Hwang, percussionist Yukio Tsugi, and tuba player Joe Daily and produced two albums, "Cavern" and "Urban Archaeology", and performed many international festivals. He was featured in "Rhythm of the World", a documentary produced for BBC-TV and "Improvisation", a documentary written by Derek Bailey and produced by Channel 4 of U.K.. His life and music has been broadcast on National Public Radio titled Old Tradition and New Sound, narrated by Judy Collins. His open attitude to making music has reached the dance concerts, films, and prestigious concert halls of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.
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